Organ Theft
Organ Theft!

  Organ Theft

--- Organ Theft is a huge problem and we should do something about it. Organ Theft is when people kidnap you and steal your body parts just for the organs. They take your organs to sell it to people that need organs so they can take the money. 

Do you know why? 

--- Its because of the poorness people are leaving in. 


--- China is the most country that Organ Theft is populated, people kidnap each other and take each others organs from the poorness they live in. They dont care about killing people, people don't actually mean it they do it from the poorness and hunger. 


This website is about Organ Theft. I have made this website for people to know about Organ Theft and be aware!

My goal, is to tell people about Organ Theft so they can learn about it more and they should be careful.

Think about this?

---Would you like to get kidnapped and stolen organs? Would you like this to happen to you?

I know you don't

---Would you like to see what people do when they kidnap you and steal your organs? Look at the following picture

Organ Theft
Organ Theft