Organ Theft
Organ Theft!

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                  A growing dilemma that is present all around the world is organ theft. As one man describes it: “The very basis of the story was difficult to assess one way or the other, you cant describe how Organ Theft is a huge problem” His accurate statement doesn't even begin to describe how much of a problem it has become. Organ theft is dangerous and negatively effects people's physical and psychiatric health. Although it is in dire need of a solution in order to stop the organ theft, governments are little to no involve, thus, allowing organ theft to stay around.   Organ theft/harvesting is when people move usable organs from other people’s body when they are dead or alive. People kidnap and kill others; they also take their body parts and sell them to others just to get money because of their economic status. Low government enforcements, Selling Organs, Stealing Organs and ignoring human rights have affected people’s lives significantly by increasing its rate. Once the government ignores it, they start doing it more. Experts say, there are also some prisoners of China who are being killed and their organs are being stolen and people sell their body parts because the body parts are really expensive. People pay up to 20,000 dollars for a live (Dr.Barnard). Another expert, called David Matas, who is a member of the board of Rights and Democracy in the middle east he wrote many books and one of his books was about Organ Theft he said, that organs are being employed from another, undocumented source (Matas). He believes its Falun Gong professional detained for their viewpoint. More than 110,000 people needed organs in the United States in 2010 (US DATA). Basically, organ thefts decide to kidnap and kill people and steal their body parts just to get money. In the US have about 8,021 dead organ donors in 2009, which makes it significant because its shows how the death rate increased. Overall its about 21,855 organs were transplanted because these donors gave the gift of life. This confirms that Organ Harvesting is increasing throughout the year.

            There are many problems happening around the world that’s affecting people’s life riskily, including kidnapping and selling peoples organs. In the US, the British Medical Association sells body parts that people need, a kidney costs $62,000, and a liver costs $62,000 (Weekes). This gives you an idea that organs are really expensive and people start kidnapping others just to get money and sell them to Medical Companies so they can take the money because of the poorness. From the research I found that $130,000-160,000 is what a heart costs in the USA (Pearson). This also proves that Organs are really expensive this gives people an idea to start kidnapping and killing others so they can get money. Many Experts in China who have researched and wrote many books about Organ Thefts are still working on the problem, they say, The usable body parts that are from a dead person are worth about $220,000 this year since many people are needy of organs for them to be able to save their life (Foundation). As you know body parts cost a lot, poor people would want to start kidnapping others just to take the money and sell them to people to use it to live there life. From selling organs many poor people can become wealthy and live a normal life. Organ theft is a global issue that must be solved before it becomes worse.

            Low government enforcements have influenced plenty of people in the world negatively causing problems. If the government in all countries doesn't provide enough money for families to live, it leads to killing people and selling their organs. There is a story, about a young man killed two girls and a boy; he soled their body parts to earn money. The issue is that the man has his own kids and didn't think of them at all he also didn’t care to kill a human just to have money because of the poorness, he got arrested for 20-30 years Cohen kept on complaining that he has family to support. A person would openly go down for government because killing a person and stealing his body parts. If the government could afford everything the family need, the governments occupation is try to help out the poor so cases like that won’t happen. The guy that killed little kids won’t end up in jail for 20 years and throw his kids in the orphan center. (Cohen). This proves that a low government enforcements influence in a negative matter by having people killing each other for body parts. A government’s job is to make sure the poor are safe and be able to improve all the problems going on in a country.  Many stories like these have occurred these past years, but where is the truth about this unbelievable problem. If a government pays people the right amount of money, cases liking killing for organs wont happen. As an example, only 58% of families that do get enough money according to the center care research. That confirms the issue the government is not acting up, not helping out. So low government enforcements does have a major affect on people and the country.

            Ignoring Human rights is a huge problem that’s affecting people’s life dangerously. For example, I read a story, about a really poor guy that celled his kidney just to save his son's life because of the poorness, after the operation he found out that his doctor cheated him and he stole his kidney (Stealing Body Parts). This gives you an idea how Ignoring Human Rights is bad, poor people are selling there organs just to get the money to save there families life so they wont die and then they end up being cheated. In Western Europe alone around 50,000 kidneys were stolen by many doctors, around 15-30% of these patients are because they have been cheated by there doctors. (Lita). This shows how doctors are lying to their patients and they are stealing their organs and they don't know about it. Also, In Egypt, there was a doctor that stole   Massed Mohammed Diab Ahmed kidney in the Operation (Hussein). This demonstrates that people are stealing the organs. People are misunderstood and cheated; it also shows how Ignoring Human Rights is a problem.

            As you know Organ Theft affects people’s lives dangerously, people are killing others and stealing their organs just for the money because of the poorness they are living in. Some of the problems that people are facing are, Low Government Enforcements, Selling and Stealing Organs, and Ignoring Human Rights.  I would like you to think about this, “You need a kidney and you need to go to China to get one and you have the money to buy a kidney, while your in the Surgery you get cheated by your doctor and she steals all your body parts, and the next day when you wake up you wont know you got cheated, would you like that to happen to you or you rather die?

Organ Theft